Inspiring Outfits While WFH

Working From Home, or WFH, is a daily reality for the vast majority of us right now, and it’s fair to say that everyone is going through a period of adjustment as we explore new ways of working remotely, keeping productive, whilst staying in touch with our teams.

While dressing up for work when you are working from home sounds like an oxymoron, from a wellness standpoint, feeling good at your workplace shouldn’t be compromised no matter where you’re working from – even if it’s at home.

Getting dressed can be one of the best ways to boost your mood and keep productivity levels high. Comfort is, of course, key and the rules are probably more relaxed too.  After all, it’s unlikely that your boss will expect you to don the same smart attire you would wear to the office. But that doesn’t mean you should spend the working day wearing your pyjamas either.

The key is to dress in clothes that hit the sweet spot between workwear and PJs.

So, what makes the perfect working from home wardrobe? To help you find the right balance between practical and professional, here are some styling tips from our designers.



A full-length outwear that is soft and comfy is versatile as you can wear it as a dress by pairing it with a belt or wearing it together with a simple top/bottom. Having your outerwear in lovely prints or from a lace fabric will only elevate your look for the day.

     Adara Print Outer            Alya Lace Outer



A shift dress is ideal as it falls straight down from your shoulders for a flowy and comfy feel, allowing you to “shift” with ease while working.

Style up your simple one-piece ensemble with a headband or accessories for a chic look. Alternatively, you can also pair it with your favourite home slippers for a cosy look.

        Eloise Dress                Liv Flowy Dress



White clothing makes one feel pure, fresh, and clean as it evokes purity and innocence and creates a minimalistic aesthetic. Being a neutral colour, it is amazingly easy to match and style up any way you like. Here are some of our white ensembles that would up your mood any day of the week.

          Tasya Top                      Nevaeh Pants               Eleanor Skirt

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